TI Platform Management Rebrands as Transpose Platform


In a transition that reflects the progression of the firm’s diversity, ideals and strategy, TI Platform Management is announcing its rebrand to Transpose Platform, effective immediately. The name Transpose represents the increasing modality  of interchangeability in venture capital, and Transpose aims to be the platform that backs ambitious entrepreneurs aspiring to operate across a variety of venture structures.

Historically, TI Platform has supported LPs, entrepreneur-led fund managers and founders vertically – partnering with each to scale within their individual verticals. Today, Transpose plans to support our partners horizontally – partnering with each to scale across several initiatives as follows:

  • Partnering with entrepreneurs to not only co- incubate or scale ideas, but to also launch their own studios or become LPs (or both).
  • Partnering with studio managers to structure and fund investment vehicles to better support the capital needs of their breakout companies.
  • Partnering with accelerators and other innovative fund models to structure themselves into investable operating companies, allowing for value creation at both the fund and operating company levels.

Transpose has observed that venture capital is evolving  tremendously in recognition, funding, and sophistication – resultantly, entrepreneurs are creating combinations of venture structures. In response, the firm has quickly become home to talent of this caliber and ambition – ready to partner at the start of their journeys in one modality, and through their evolution into multi-modality venture entrepreneurs.

“Our change to Transpose signals our focus on the founder’s journey as an investor. We are thought and capital partners of founders building companies and firms–Studios, platforms, DAOs, protocols, and factories of companies.  We believe we are uniquely positioned to be partners of choice for founders in multiple modalities at the same time–all focused around innovation in building companies.”  – Co-founder, Alex Bangash

“We’re changing our name to reflect our new approach in supporting the most ambitious entrepreneurs  scale not only within their own verticals, but across a combination of innovative venture structures including our effort in co-incubating the most ambitious idea with some of the most inspiring serial entrepreneurs of this decade. Our core thesis has always been to back and be a thought partner for entrepreneurs, now we enable them to be multi-modality venture entrepreneurs at scale!” said Co-founder, Trang Nguyen.  “This is what Transpose stands for.”