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Founder & CIO at Sonamu Group

Tina Surh is Founder and CIO of Sonamu Group and invests with a broad and flexible charter across global asset classes and a simple purpose – sustained exceptional compounding – on behalf of a select group of family office and foundation partners.  The central theme in Ms. Surh’s former CIO roles has been leading and accomplishing significant positive change:  for New York University, where she is credited with transforming the endowment and producing leading risk-adjusted returns over a decade while building out a robust platform, and more recently for Gruss & Co.’s single-family office, leading a full program redesign and exceeding performance goals.  Tina has also worked as a private equity investor, and started her career at Bain & Co. She graduated from Harvard Business School and from Tufts University, where she majored in drama and design, and is now a Trustee Emeritus.  She serves on a variety of boards, including Salvation Army Investment Committee, Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, and Tufts Engineering School, and champions creativity applied to any vocation.