Diversity and inclusion in venture capital.

Date and time

Wed, 28 April 2021
11:00 am – 08:00 pm EST

About this event

Transpose Platform Management is proud to announce that tennis legend and pathbreaking venture capitalist Serena Williams will be the keynote speaker for our DEI Day event. Serena will be joined in conversation by Transpose Platform’s co-founder, Trang T. N. for a digital fireside chat about diversity and inclusion in venture capital.

Serena Williams already changed the game of professional tennis for good. Now she’s changing the profile of venture capital, leading the path forward to a more diverse and inclusive venture capital environment.


Welcome Remarks

Welcome to the 2021 TI Platform Diversity Day Summit! TI Platform Management is one of the most diverse venture firms in the world. The firm was founded in 2015 by Alex Bangash and Trang Nugyen, both of whom immigrated to the United States. Since then, the team has grown to include members throughout North America and Europe. Our investment team is 50% female and majority-minority. At TI Platform Management, diversity isn’t just a priority: it’s who we are. We’d like to thank our early investors, University of Minnesota, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Sloan Foundation as well as the many other LPs who believed in us early on and gave us the opportunity to build a diverse firm and portfolio.

The Transpose Platform Mission

Transpose Platform is guided by two investment theses. The first thesis is to find and support the ambitious entrepreneurs who are creating today’s most disruptive venture structures, and to invest directly in tomorrow’s category-defining leaders. As a result of these efforts, our firm has been described as a “Y Combinator for proven entrepreneurs” as they embark on the next phase of their careers, whether that means starting a new business, incubating multiple startups through a venture studio, or launching a new venture fund. The second thesis is to assist institutional investors with off-market proprietary access to unique managers and
entrepreneurs before they become access-constrained. We work to identify LPs who share our values and our mission, and who can bring something unique to the managers and entrepreneurs we fund.  Our investment theses have led us to the cutting edge of developments in venture structures. We have been backing and aiding in the formation of venture studios and network-based models since the firm’s inception. These represent a true innovation to venture development, one that adopts the principle of community to build
network effects and talent pools that will create tomorrow’s multi-billion-dollar startups.

The Transpose Platform Network & Community

Transpose Platform has built a unique network of founders who have collectively created $50 billion in value, $25 billion in company exits, and $830 billion in investment market cap. In total, Transpose Platform Management has deployed
about $475M among 57 entrepreneurs. There are 25 unicorns in our portfolio as of September 30, 2020. Our involvement with venture studios and other disruptive venture platforms, in particular, has generated a rich and exciting network of some of the industry’s most inspiring minds. Venture studios create companies by pairing  business ideas with entrepreneurs and top talent in growth and engineering. By developing and incubating
multiple companies at once, they de-risk fund investments at the seed stage by pivoting to support only the concepts that prove viable and reallocating staff to those projects.
These strong, flexible teams have begun to attract seasoned entrepreneurs and the industry’s top talent. We have aided in the formation of several studios, and are eager to make introductions when we discover common goals or synergies between portfolio companies, entrepreneurs, and LPs. Transpose Platform Management LPs are some of the largest endowments, foundations, SWFs, pensions, and insurance companies in the world. Our relationships with many LPs in our network pre-date the formation of Transpose Platform.
Our focus is always on serving our LPs by connecting them to the opportunities that best match their needs and  their missions.

Diversity and the Future of Tech

Both Transpose Platform and our network of LPs care deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a firm founded on the principle that diversity yields strength and resilience, we are honored to host this event dedicated to enhancing diversity as we work together to imagine and give shape to the future of the tech sector.

Alex, Trang and Transpose Platform Team

Featured speakers

Serena Williams

Founder & Managing Partner

Serena Ventures

Joel R. Wittenberg

Former Chief Investment Officer & VP

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Elizabeth M. Hewitt

Chief Investment Officer & Senior VP

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Allen Huang

Director of Investments

Michigan State University

Lisa Skeete Tatum

Founder and CEO


Samuel N. Gallo

Chief Investment Officer

University System of Maryland Foundation

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